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Arthritis Foundation Aquatic Program

Arthritis Aquatic Class
  • Our Arthritis Program is a low impact workout designed for individuals with Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, or those wanting to start exercise after prolonged inactivity.
  • The warm water (92-94 degrees) is optimal for helping joints achieve full range of motion and strengthen supporting muscles.
  • The emphasis is focused on increasing and maintaining one's strength, flexibility and independence.
  • This program is approved and certified by the Arthritis Foundation and run by a Certified Instructor.
What do you need to participate?
  • Written medical clearance from a physician prior to placement (can be in the form of a prescription or a note- a prescription is not needed for this class)
  • A FREE screening by a Physical Therapist on the first day of participation to determine that participants can participate safely in this group setting.
  • A one piece swimsuit and a towel
  • Water shoes are recommended but not a requirement
  • Swimming skills are not needed
  • Instructor Linda Mitchell has been conducting arthritis aquatic classes for more than seven years, and was a participant for eight years prior to becoming an Arthritis Foundation Certified Instructor.
Classes are 55 minutes long and are held Monday Wednesday and Friday at noon in our Youngtown facility. The cost is $60 per month or $10 per class.
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